🔥 Float Protocol is on the lookout for contributors, one of these projects could be a great way to show yourself and get involved on a more consistent basis. 👷 ☮️ ⛵

Float Protocol Explainer Videos

  1. Float can be an overwhelming project to grasp.

  2. It is important users understand the basics.

  3. The goal is for users to get a solid understanding what Float is and how it works.

ELI5 Float Protocol Auctions

  1. There are four auction types.

  2. Users need to know how they differentiate.

  3. Some of the mechanics might be too technical to understand.

  4. The goal is to bridge the knowledge gap with easy to understand visuals.

Float Protocol / Rockstar Themed NFT Art.

  1. We are constantly on the lookout for gifted artists.

  2. We want to create a limited series NFTs.

  3. We would like these to be used for future rewards for prominent community members.

  4. The goal is for the artists to focus their submissions around the Float (Wave/water) or Rockstar themes.

Documentation Optimisation

  1. As the project grows, so does the documentation.

  2. Ours can surely be much richer and better structured than what we have currently.

  3. The goal is to submit suggestions for restructuring and expanding the current one.


  1. Self explanatory.

  2. Best ones get rewarded.

Open Category

  1. Contribute in any way you want.

  2. Best ones get rewarded.

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